Writing love letters to my boys.

Yesterday I was driving home from work on Lindbergh and a motorcycle passed me on the left.  He was ahead of me about 4 car lengths and in front of my eyes out of nowhere, a deer ran on this busy street in the middle of the day and smashed right into the guy on the motorcycle.  He went flying.  A car in front of me stopped to check on him and I pulled over and called 911.  I’ll spare you the graphic details but it made me think how things can change in an INSTANT.

I have a really stressful week of work, working on some major deadlines and managing my boys myself this week so I’ve been overwhelmed, tired, stressed, and trying to do too much.   Then I saw that guy on the motorcycle lying on the road and it clicked for me what really matters.

These precious kids matter.

Logan with chickens

I went to pick up my boys early and decided to be 100% present with them.  We took a picnic to a playground and went exploring and played outside.  I decided to write my boys a letter to tell them how much I love and cherish them.
I love writing them letters throughout the year and stashing them away so hopefully on a very special occasion they can look back on all the letters from important events in their life but sometimes it’s nice to write them just because.

I asked grandparents to do this too.  Babies birth, Baptism, Preschool graduation are all good occasions.

Mason with muffin

This is sentimental to me because I lost my dad a few years ago.  He was the most amazing man and always excited to hear what was going on in my life.  He always had fun stories to tell and was one of those people that everyone adored.  A few months after he passed away my mom brought me a box of letters she found from him.  He and my mom would write to me in college and when I lived in Dallas.  Just seeing his handwriting brought back so many special memories and gave me a sense of peace.  He was my biggest fan and always believed in me.

I want my boys to see in writing how much I adore them.  They are incredible kids.

Here is the letter I wrote to Logan:

Dear Logan

If you need some guidance writing your child a letter, try this.

  1. Tell them you love them
  2. Tell them what you like observing them do, about their talents or what you see in them
  3. Talk about the things you like to do with them, your special relationship

Here is my letter to Mason.

Dear Mason

I have been praying that the guy on the motorcycle is ok.  Thankfully as we were all sitting on Lindbergh one of the people in a vehicle beside me went up to check with the paramedics and said that he was responding.  It was shocking to watch such an event and then to see the paramedics come and do such an amazing job jumping into action to help this guy who woke up not having a clue what today has in store for him.

I share this story as a reminder that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Tell the people you love how special they are and live each day to the fullest.

XOXO  Sarah