Is it me, or is it really hard to find the perfect pair of white jeans?  I was determined to update my white jeans for spring, and came up with a solution, despite how crazy it seems.

I got on and ordered every single pair of white jeans in the cut I prefer; straight leg, since I’m curvy, that was in my budget.  It was about 15 pair.  (Sounds extreme, I know) I highly recommend doing the same, because Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns.  One of the best parts about utilizing their online store is it offers more options than their brick-and-mortar locations.  When you’re able to try on the jeans at home, you can see how they look with all your shoes and tops and jackets, allowing you to weed out the combinations that you don’t like.

White Jeans

Since I’m curvy, I find wearing straight leg or boot cut balances out my shape the best.  Other cuts can accentuate the wrong aspects of my body.  Some problems I’ve run into include: the jean is too skinny, the material is not thick enough or the waist is more low-rise than I what I like.  (No Thanks!)

The white jeans I chose are a straight leg cut by NYDJ.  These jeans have “Lift X” technology, which tucks your tummy and lifts the booty.  Perfecto!  They were a bulls-eye in a few of the categories I look for: premium stretch denim, a good weight material, flattering, reasonably priced.  Here are some brands to try.

Keep in mind that what fit works for me will not work for everyone, but I think this approach will save you some time, hassle and avoid the hit-and-miss process while making your choice.  Then you can send all the other pairs back for free and you’re done.  Crazy I know but it will save you time.  (yeah!)

If you give this a try and it helps, please let me know.  I love getting your feedback.  XOXO

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