Here is a step by step guide on how to use Trunk Club Women and what I got for a holiday party.  

Trunk Club Women is a great service:  

  • If you need a cute outfit for an event and don’t have time to shop
  • You don’t enjoy shopping but you do like looking good
  • You want someone to help you style outfits and put a complete look together
  • You want to add a few current pieces to your Winter wardrobe

Step 1:  Go to the site:

You’ll be prompted to answer a series of brief questions.  First, you specify your preferred style, what you’re shopping for, clothing colors, patterns, etc.  Then you’ll answer body type-related questions, like areas on your body you’d like to disguise, and what fit of jeans you prefer and what you’re looking for in shoes.  Finally, you’ll give some price ranges that fit your budget and, favorite brands.  Presto! Your account is set up.

Step 2:  One of Trunk Club’s stylists will contact you to get more specifics on what you’re shopping for.  They’ll create a virtual “look book” before your items are shipped, so you’ll be able to edit what items show up at your door (i.e.  omitting ones you know you wouldn’t wear, not your style, etc.)  You’ll also have an opportunity to give your stylist feedback, so they’ll be able to refine what items they pick for you or add anything that is missing.

Trunk Club for Women








Step 3

Your trunk arrives at your doorstep!  Take your time trying on each item, so you see what you’d like to keep.  My stylist Lyndsey even sent me ways to style each outfit.

Trunk Club for Women Box

Step 4

After trying everything on, you’ll be able to give feedback (i.e.  item is too big, own similar item, didn’t fit, etc.)  After you have decided what you want to keep you schedule a pickup via the Trunk Club app and it’s as simple as selecting the day, Trunk Club sends you a shipping label and you set it on your porch.  DONE.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Here is what was in my recent trunk:

Trunk Club Women Trunk Club Women Trunk Club Women

Trunk Club Women Trunk Club Women Trunk Club Women Trunk Club Women





Trunk Club Women Trunk Club Women
























Another great perk of Trunk Club is if you need anything altered, all you do is take the item(s) and your receipt to any Nordstrom; they’ll take care of the rest.

If you like anything from my trunk, all of those items are available or order your own trunk, you deserve it.  🙂  



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