As a busy working mom, if I don’t make my health and wellness a priority, who will? So when I find a hidden gem that not only can help me relax but has tons of benefits, I have to share it with all my friends. Radiance Float + Wellness offers so much for all of you ladies out there.

I started going to Radiance this winter because I’m always freezing! I work in and out of my car all day long, so during the long winter months I crave warmth. I discovered Radiance’s infrared sauna, and it is heaven. The sauna is a dry heat, making it easier to withstand the high temps of up to 140 degrees. It’s one of the only ways I feel like I can get warmed up after a long winter’s day.

The infrared light penetrates several inches into your body which creates heat, resulting in hyperthermia on a cellular level. This makes you sweat, but instead of the air around you being hot, your body is, allowing you to be more comfortable than in traditional steam saunas. If you have been wanting to give the sauna a try, book your appointment with code: 50Sarah for 50% off.

The sauna has many benefits, such as:

  • Weight loss. One hour in the sauna can burn up to 600 calories.
  • Detox. A session helps to rid your body naturally of harmful toxins.
  • Reduces pain.
  • Decongests. I used the sauna before I had an important flight. I was sick and congested and was worried about my ears hurting on the plane. The sauna totally helped me to decongest so I was ready for my flight.
  • Reduce stress. During a session you can read or simply relax with zero distractions.

Radiance also offers many other services for total body wellness. Some of my favorites are the relaxing salt room and the oxygen bar. I was recently congested and was taking a flight the next day so I opted to give these a try and what a difference they made. My ears were thanking me on that flight. The eucalyptus and peppermint scents are my favorite.

For the approaching summer months I decided to try the cryo-slimming to help me get a boost on losing some extra winter weight. I’m not proud of it but every winter when I go into hibernation mode. I put on a few extra pounds!

Cryo-slimming is a new service that was created in Paris, France which peaked my interest. It sounded like a great solution for those hard to treat places on your body you might need a little extra assistance with. So after some research and talking with people about it, I decided to try the cryo-slimming on my stomach.

Cryo-slimming uses thermal shock to cause the death of fat cells, without damage to your skin. The treatment takes 28 minutes, and begins with 4 minutes of heat at 104 degrees, followed by 24 minutes of cold at 17 degrees. The heat causes the fat cells to migrate towards the surface of your skin, where they are then blasted with the cold temperatures. The dead fat cells then exit your body naturally over the next two weeks.

Cryoslimming. What to expect: It’s a little bit of a process, although the procedure itself is quick. I started with the cryo-slimming, which you can do every two weeks. Then two days after, I would hit the sauna which helped my fat cells leave my body. Then in the third week, I would do the cryo-toning, which helps to tone the area. I lost one inch in my first session! #Hallelujah


When I posted videos of this process I would get a lot of questions so I thought it would be helpful to list all the questions based on my experience below:

1. Is it miserably cold?  

No. I was nervous about this too, especially since I’m always cold but after a few minutes it numbs the area and you don’t feel much. I promise it was tolerable.  

2.  Did you see results?  

YES! I lost 1 inch in the first session alone and and once I was done with all of my sessions I was down 2 inches around my waist and below my belly button.  

This was in combination of a healthy diet and consistent exercise.

3.  Can you see results with one treatment?  

I think every person will be different.  For my goals I knew I would need more than one treatment and Radiance put together a package for me based on my needs.  If you don’t have a lot to lose one treatment may be enough but I’d consult with them first. You may want to try just the toning treatment if you just want to tone a certain area.  

4.  Is there down time?  

No. I was worried about this too and many days I would stop in on my lunch hour.  There is no down time. For the slimming treatment it takes 2 mins for the warming, 12 mins for the cooling on both sides of the stomach. Then you spend 10 mins on the total vibration machine and you’re done.  It is quick and painless.  

5.  What does it feel like?  

To me it felt like getting an ultrasound. Painless.

6.  What are the best body parts for the cryo-slimming?  

Stomach for me, but I also talked to people that had it done on arms, bra fat, and chin. They also have a cryofacial you can get for anti aging on your face.  

7.  Do you have to eat a certain diet?  

To maximize results I think you need to be trying to live a healthy lifestyle with eating and exercising.  They do recommend not eating carbs or sugar for 4 hours after the treatment and drinking lots of water to flush out your system.  

8.  How much does it cost?  

Depending on your needs they will create a package for you.  This is how my treatment worked.

Day 1: Cryo-slimming
2 days later infrared sauna session
Day 7: Cryo-toning
I repeated this schedule and had 3 cryo-slimming sessions.  

So your package may look different based on your needs but they are offering 25% off packages for the cryo so if you are interested I’d book quickly!

Overall, I loved my experience and got the results I needed to keep me motivated to getting summer and pool party ready.  

Have you heard of cryo-slimming or have places on your body that won’t get better no matter how many sit ups you do?  Tell me about your experience and feel free to send questions if you have them!

** I partnered with Radiance float and wellness on this post but all thoughts and opinions are my own.