Mom to Mom:  Coach Gayle WhyPowered Coaching

Tell us about your background.

I’ve worked as a certified whole health coach and personal fitness trainer for four years. I’m a native St. Louisan (Parkway North, lol) but lived elsewhere for 15 years (Italy, Austria, Boston, Boulder, and Seattle). I’ve been back in the Lou for 5 years now and have one son who I gave birth to in Italy.  

I founded WhyPowered Whole Health Coaching to help women struggling to maintain a healthy weight by offering personalized support and accountability for making lifestyle and mindset shifts toward healthier living. I coach individuals and groups for finding their personal ‘whys’ for eating cleaner, exercising regularly and proactively managing stress. No gimmicks or quick fixes; just real and lasting change.    

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Coaching questions:

What made you want to be a health coach?  

I’ve been passionate about health most of my life, but in my early 20s, I was carried an extra 20 pounds and felt miserable. I smoked and drank and just couldn’t seem to get untangled from it. Once I did, everything shifted positively.   

What type of person would benefit from working with a health coach?  

Anyone who has moved past the diet quick-fix mentality of weight loss.  

What created your passion in a healthy lifestyle?  

Personally moving out of an unhealthy and stuck place and having life open up as a result.    

What is your favorite thing about coaching?  

The positive life-changing impact it offers, especially for those who’ve struggled for years to find peace with food and for shifting to healthy lifestyles habits. 

What is your biggest challenge?  

Not enough hours in a day.  

Advice you would give someone wanting to make healthy changes in their life?  

Don’t go it alone.  Working with an accountability partner makes a huge difference—whether  with a professional coach, a friend, colleague or family member, when you have support systems to keep you in-check and cheer you on and help you right yourself when you get off-track, you’ll go farther than you would going it alone. 

What are healthy qualities you try and role model for your son?  

Moderation in all things– except love.  

What are some kid friendly healthy snacks you’d recommend for kids? 

Sliced apples coated with lemon juice (to prevent browning) and cinnamon

Fresh sugar snap peas

What are the best ways to keep kids active if they don’t play sports?  

Being outside in nature is fantastic, whether hiking or flying a kite or riding a scooter or a bike.  

What would you tell your younger self? 

Dream big and always invest in yourself.  

Advice you’d give to other working moms to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Keep your self-care and well-being high on your priority list. It’s not selfish—it’s vital.  When your ‘cup’ is full, you have so much more to give. 


What is your guilty pleasure? 

Dark chocolate (70% or greater for the antioxidants)

Favorite beauty tip?

Exercise—it’s the number one way to control how you age.

Favorite beauty product?

Moisturizer with sunscreen (and smiling!)

What is one thing you cannot go to bed without doing?

For stress-management I prioritize a practice of nightly gratitudes. In a bedside notebook, I record 2-3 things that either made me smile that day or generally I feel grateful for. It’s had a profound impact on my ability to see the silver lining in challenging times and keep my optimism meter set on high.  

Best place in the world you have been?  Bucket List travel spot?

Tuscany.  I lived in northern Italy for 4 years, so I was blessed with being able to spend quite a bit of time there.  It’s dreamy– especially the food!

Bucket list travel destination is…

Too many to list.  I’ve experienced lots of Europe, but never Asia or Africa, so somewhere on those continents.  

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Anything else you want people to know? 

Diets don’t work.  The industry has 95% failure rate. Learn to trust your body and yourself.