7 Reasons why we love staying at Drury Hotels

Have you been planning trips for 2020 yet? I love sharing all my travel “pearls” that I have learned from taking tons of trips over the years. When I’m traveling with my family, we love staying at Drury hotels. Here’s why:    

1. The Hot breakfast

Hotel breakfast is non-negotiable for my family when we are staying at a hotel. My kids LOVE hotel breakfast, and the Drury breakfast is next level. You can customize your own fresh waffles, build your own yogurt or fruit bowl and there are hot fluffy eggs and fresh biscuits and gravy. Or, if you are Mason, you’ll devour powdered donuts and lucky charms. Anything goes on vacation.  🙂  My boys look forward to breakfast at Drury.  Check our Memphis and St Louis arch post.



Drury breakfast on terrace

2.  Kickback Hour

Drury calls this a “kickback hour,” but it’s a full-blown meal for my family. I love this about Drury because going out to eat with my boys isn’t always fun. They don’t want to wait, they don’t eat that much, etc. Each night at Drury, they have a variety of dishes but the nightly staple foods are fresh salads, baked potatoes, chili, hotdogs, and nachos. They also have a rotation of other foods. My boys love when they have the taco bar. 

If that wasn’t good enough the kickback hour includes THREE free drinks a night per adult. I’ll admit there have been trips where kickback hour has been a welcome treat.  

Tip: Ask the staff for plastic cups so you can take your drinks to the rooftop terrace or pool.  Check out our Cape Girardeau post here.

Drury kickback hour Cape Girardeau MO


3.  The Pool, and hot tub

Many of the Drury properties have the fun indoor/outdoor pools. My boys think the fact that you can be swimming inside and then outside is amazing. It’s especially fun in the winter when it’s freezing cold outside yet you’re swimming in a warm pool.  Check out our road trip to Nashville


4.  Free Wifi

For those moments where everyone needs some downtime. 

5.  Free popcorn and soda

How many times have you heard “I’m hungry” or “I’m thirsty?” Maybe it’s just part of being a mom with two boys but it’s non-stop. Drury pops fresh popcorn each day from 3:00-9:00 and as simple as it sounds, it’s a fun treat for my kiddos. 

There have been trips where we do movie night at the hotel and get popcorn and soda while we watch. For my kids, it’s the little things that bring the most joy.  St Louis Union Station


6.  Suite rooms with a door to close

Traveling with kids is not easy but having the option of a suite is a game changer. There  is nothing more frustrating on vacay than not sleeping. I need my sleep. Having a separate bedroom makes traveling so so good. If my little kids need to go to bed early or if someone wants to take a nap, being able to close the door is everything. On our trip to St. Charles, my kids swam so much they went to bed early. With the separate bedroom, I could stay up watching Hallmark movies while they slept like angels. 

This is also a perk if you have more than 4 people in your family or if someone is known for snoring–no thank you!!  

I have stayed at hotels before that called a room with a partition or a ½ wall a suite. That is not a suite. Drury suites are completely separate bedrooms with a door you can close.  Flagstaff and Phoenix

IMG_2366 2

7.  The Deals

Keeping up with all the travel details has never been easier with the Drury App. I love my trips because all the confirmation details are in one spot. It also makes keeping track of my rewards simple.  

They have an advance purchase sale for up to 30% off through March 8th if you book online at http://www.druryhotels.com.  It must be 5 days in advance.  

If you sign up for their email newsletter or social media they will send you special codes periodically for 15-20% discounts on your booking too.  

Overall, we love the value that Drury offers. The breakfast, the kickback hour (drinks and food) the pool, the great locations and the WiFi means more money left in your travel budget. Whoo Hoo!


They are 100% family-owned and operated and that is one consistent reason we stay at Drury.  The staff are friendly and happy, from the front desk to the dining room. You don’t find that at other hotel chains.  

If there is a Drury, you can guarantee we will be booking it. Even better news is that they are expanding like crazy and are opening several NEW hotels this year.  Check out there up-and-coming locations here.  

So now it’s your turn! Tell me your favorite family travel pearls and check out my previous travel posts here if you are looking for a weekend getaway or spring break ideas.  Happy Travels.  XOXO  Sarah~